USDA Public Hearing on Deregulating GM “Roundup Ready” Sugar Beets

Thursday, November 17 · 4:00pm – 9:00pm

LaSells Stewart Center Construction and Engineering Hall

875 Southwest 26th Street
Corvallis, OR

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Dear friends and fellow Oregonians,We are contacting you with great concern regarding an upcoming USDA public comments hearing on deregulating GM “Roundup Ready” sugar beets in Oregon. This hearing will be held in Corvallis on November 17th, the exact location has not been announced yet..
We are urging everyone to attend this meeting on the 17th and give input.  If you are not comfortable publically commenting we implore you to simply attend and show your support.  If we cannot convince the USDA not to deregulate GM sugar beets here in Oregon, we will not be able to prevent future GM crops coming to Oregon such as wheat and Bt cabbage which has been mentioned already.
We must ban together as a united front specifically for this meeting if we are to have a chance and a voice at protecting our states resources, our food sovereignty, biodiversity and our basic right to grow whatever crops we choose without the threat of unwanted contamination from genetically modified organisms.
Please share this email with any other friends or colleagues that would be interested in attending this hearing.  If we don’t work together now, our $27 million dollar specialty seed industry in general, and our fledgling organic seed industry in particular, is at risk.
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