New Local Snacks!


We’re excited to tell you about some of the great new local options we have at the store! First up from Eugene, Oregon: Picky Bars. These little guys are amazingly delicious and great for those with active lifestyles. They’re gluten and dairy free, as well as vegan, 200 calories or less per bar with a 4:1 carbohydrate/protein ratio to maximizes absorption of nutrients and speed recovery, full of macro-nutrients and locally sourced whenever possible. Can you believe that they fit all of that into one tasty bar?

liv bar

Next, from right here in Salem, Liv Bars from Liv Nutritious Fitness. Handmade with healthy, gluten-free ingredients. They come in five different flavors: savory goodness, dinomite curry, sweet harvest, and spicy chocolate. You should probably try them all to find out which is your favorite!

nut butter

Last, but certainly never least, a new line of nut butters from Jem Raw Chocolates out of Bend, Oregon. These nut butters are so unbelievably good and packed with exotic ingredients like maqui berries and lucuma fruit. Plus they’re made with sprouted nuts! We also just started carrying their raw, organic chocolate bars, which are a decadent, creamy treat for your mouth. We like to go ahead and dip them right in the nut butter…

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