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You can now find gluten free egg noodles nestled amongst the pastas on aisle 7. This gluten free tagliatelle from Jovial Foods was created in the traditional Italian method with carefully selected varieties of rice. Now you can eat traditional Italian gluten free! Try this healthy pasta in your favorite recipe.

emmerAlso new to the grocery shelves local Emmer Flour from Camas Country Mill. Made from Emmer Farro grown in Junction City, OR and milled in Eugene. This ancient grain has a weak gluten structure which makes it easier to digest for many non-celiac individuals with wheat sensitivities. Closer to Durum (pasta) wheat than bread wheat, Emmer will not rise significantly in bread making but its delightfully sweet and nutty flavor is fantastic in flatbreads, pitas, pastas and baked goods.

And watch for Einkorn Flour coming soon!





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