You Bread-er Check These Out!

breadsLabor Day has arrived and we’ve got some tasty, new hot dog buns that are sure to please! Check out these local hot dog buns from Breadstop Bakery in Eugene. They come in Honey Wheat and Challah! These little guys look so delicious even in their packaging you’ll want to tear them open before you even make it out of the store. And for your gluten free friends and family pick up a package of ¬†Canyon Bakehouse gluten free hot dog buns! Their hot dog buns are every bit as amazing as their breads and hamburger buns. It’s hard to believe these babies are gluten free!!

If burgers are more your thing, we’ve got Organic Orzery Wheat OneBuns. Delectable thin sandwich buns with only 60 calories! Made in small batches with no artificial ingredients to ensure that each bun is full of flavor. Enjoy a Sol Cuisine Sprouted Quinoa Chia burger on top of a OneBun this Monday for a guilt-free Labor Day.

Also new this month, we now have Blueberry Bagels from Marsee Bakery. A sweet new addition to the other wonderful Marsee Bagels and products here at LifeSource.


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