Organic & Non GMO Goes Beyond Food

UntitledLifeSource is an organic oasis in a food industry dominated by genetically modified organisms. Strolling down the aisles it is easy to choose healthy foods for our families by looking for the Certified Organic or Non-GMO Project Verified symbols on labels.

Have you noticed, though, that when shopping for shampoo or a multivitamin it can be harder to find as many organic options? I am happy to report that this is changing fast, as consumer demand motivates suppliers to source the highest quality raw materials for their products. Most of us don’t want to eat herbicide and pesticide laden GMO foods for dinner and we shouldn’t have to absorb them through our skin from a body lotion or swallow them in a pill either.

When we purchase a body care product or supplement we are sending a message up through the supply chain to create more of that same item. If we give our dollars to companies that support organic agriculture, not only will we have less exposure to GMOs, herbicides and pesticides from their products, but the farmworkers, the wildlife and the communities surrounding the farms will have less exposure as well. Just like our daily food choices, our daily body care and supplement choices send out a powerful collective ripple that influences our health and the health of our environment.

bronnerI would like to highlight some of our Certified Organic and Non-GMO options that are currently available in our supplement and bodycare aisles. Before I introduce the organic newcomers I will give some “organic elders” the attention they deserve. First off, Dr. Bronner’s and their All-One soaps. If you haven’t tried these castile soaps yet, put it on the list next time you need a little bottle of concentrated soap for camping or travel. Not only is this brand Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Organic, they have led the way in developing an organic coconut oil industry and funding political actions to label GMOs. I highly recommend their Lavender Liquid Castile Soap for dishwashing and the invigorating peppermint soap for your shower.

herb pharmAnother brand that has been a step ahead for a long time is Herb Pharm. They are our southern Oregon neighbors who grow medicinal herbs on an Oregon Tilth Certified Organic farm. Most of their herbal tinctures have just three ingredients: the organic or wildcrafted medicinal herb, organic sugarcane alcohol, and water. Using an herb in tincture form is a good way to avoid likely GMO ingredients such as maltodextrin, gelatin, and cellulose that show up in many capsules and tablets.

garden of lifeNewcomers that are leading the way in innovation and development of new non-GMO, Certified Organic vitamin and mineral formulas are two brands: Garden of Life and New Chapter. Both companies have over 50 products each listed as Non-GMO Project Verified. If you are looking for a multivitamin that is created from organic whole foods you will get an excellent product with either brand. Garden of Life also offers individual whole foods based non-GMO nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, newchaptervitamin K and more. New Chapter makes non-GMO softgel formulas such as Turmeric Force, Zyflamend, and Supercritical Prostate 5XL. Both brands offer a non-GMO plat-based calcium option, a non-GMO CoQ10 and non-GMO omega-3 products. Garden of Life has only two Non-GMO Project Verified
probiotic powders at this time.

Be on the lookout for Non-GMO Project Verified Labels showing up on many more of our favorite brands.There are over 30 additional supplement brands on our shelves that are enrolled in the Non-GMO Project and are awaiting final verification before they can carry the official symbol on their label.

In the body care aisle you will find organic and Non-GMO options that can help you to minimize absorption of unwanted ingredients through your skin. It is good to keep in mind that some of what we put on our skin will absorb and enter our bloodstream. And in the bigger picture, the things we put on our skin and wash down our drains will end up in someone else’s drinking water or critical habitat.

Thankfully there are great brands that make healthy body care easy and affordable. EO has family size lotions and liquid soaps that are a great bargain for high quality organic ingredients. Also, take a look at Andalou’s large selection of Non-GMO lotions, shower gels, hair care, and face care the next time you’re in the store. They even make a Non-GMO hairspray.

If I were to prioritize which body care item to choose first when switching to organic products it would be deodorant. Most of us rub some type of deodorant into the thin skin over the lymph nodes by our armpits at least once a day. Some of this deodorant soaks in and there are questions about potential risks of common antiperspirant ingredients like aluminum ending up in our sweat glands and lymph nodes. There is no need to use possibly risky ingredients when there are options like Coconut Snow, Desert Essence, and Nutribiotic who are all Non-GMO and aluminum free.

A close second choice to prioritize would be perfume and cologne. Unlike synthetic fragrances, pure organic essential oils are healthy to use on our skin and are actually therapeutic when used in aromatherapy. Come by and smell the tester bottles for our new line of Simpler’s organic essential oils.

sunscreenThis time of year we are out playing in the sun (with our sunblock on) and playing in the woods (with our bug spray on) and these are also two very important
products to choose carefully. Most sunblocks are full of hormone disrupting SPF ingredients and bug sprays can contain potent toxins. Instead, we can use Goddess Garden sunblock that is Non-GMO, 92% certified organic, biodegradable, non-nano and certified reef safe. Both Badger and Greenways make effective certified organic insect repellents that don’t pose a threat to your health or to the life in our beautiful mountain lakes when you dive in to cool off.

Every day we make many choices that shape the world we live in. Individually these choices seem small but the impact really does add up. Thank you for shopping at LifeSource and helping to make our organic oasis thrive.

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