LifeSource makes it a priority to provide you with locally sourced products whenever possible.

Purchasing Close To Home Food and products:

  • Supports our communities and optimizes our local resources
  • Encourages sustainability by reducing food miles
  • Means fresher and healthier products
  • Builds closer relationships with farmers and producers
  • Creates deeper connection to our food sources

Close To Home means:

  1. Grown in Oregon
  2. Made in Oregon

We will seek to carry locally grown and produced products whenever possible as long as they meet our product standards.

Buyer guidelines for Close To Home

In order for a product to be classified Close To Home it must meet one of the following parameters:

  1. Grown in Oregon, a food that is grown (and processed) in Oregon
  2. Grown in Oregon, transported or processed out of state but consisting of 100% sourced Oregon ingredients
  3. Made or processed in Oregon, consisting of a food or product created of at least three different ingredients, such as a trail mix or a lip balm
  4. Made in Oregon, consisting of significantly altered non-Oregon ingredients; e.g. grapes turned into wine, roasted coffee beans or nuts, canning fruit or veggies, locally pressed juice, etc.

Examples of products NOT qualifying as Close To Home:

  1. Repacking bulk quantities of a non Oregon food or product into a retail bag; e.g. Bob’s Red Mill Tapioca Flour. It is a single ingredient, not grown in Oregon, only repacked and not altered.
  2. Non Oregon foods or products distributed by an Oregon company
  3. An Oregon based company, but the food or product  is made outside of the state

Products that meet the Close To Home criteria will be given preference