Cooking with your kids is a wonderful way to introduce a variety of foods, encourage their creativity, and at the same time improve motor and math skills. Be prepared for cooking with your kids by first washing hands, keeping long hair out of the way, and allowing plenty of time so that the experience can remain fun! Ratatouille is a delicious dish that bears the same name as the Disney movie about a rat named Remy who loves to cook. This is a simple version of Ratatouille that my kids and I have enjoyed making together. At this time of year, you might even be able to walk out to your garden and harvest some of the ingredients!

Family Dinner

Family Table Time

Family DinnerFood is the glue that binds us. It’s true. We eat together to celebrate the good times, we eat together to grieve the hard times. We center our holidays around meals, share cake on our birthdays, one of the first things a newly wed couple does (after kissing!) is to feed each other and much business is conducted over a shared meal. Many important events involve sharing food…but the most important food we share might just be the everyday meals we eat together as a family.

Why We Must Label GMOs – From Our Friends at Coconut Bliss

By Elizabeth Reilly & Kate Campbell


Elizabeth Reilly

Kate Campbell

Regardless of one’s political affiliation, or any other cultural or social affiliation, the issues of food transparency and food sovereignty affect everyone. While many people are still not yet aware of the extent of GMOs in our food system, those who are believe these issues could be the defining political debate of our time. We, however, would like to offer that the debates surrounding GMO’s are not political issues. They are, in fact, human rights issues.

Deck Family Farm

Meet Our Producers: Deck Family Farm

Deck Family FarmDeck Family Farm is located in Junction City, Oregon, nestled between three creeks, a mixed conifer forest, and spring wetlands. All of their products are certified organic and are free from hormones or antibiotics. Respect for their animals and land is first and foremost at the Deck Farm. They provide a pasture-based system that not only mimics the natural habitat of their wild ancestors but is also beneficial to the vitality of the land. In fact, the Deck family restored over 2 miles of creeks that were traditionally used to water cattle, improving the water quality and habitat for native animals.

There’s plenty to love about Deck Family Farm. They truly love their animals and it shows in their high quality products. We carry a variety of delicious products from Deck Family Farm. Look for their organic pasture eggs and soy-free eggs. The first thing you’ll notice when you open the carton is the variety of beautiful colors. Half the fun is picking which egg you want to eat! Then, when you crack it open, prepare to be surprised by the bright color of the yolk. A sure sign of freshness! We also carry boneless leg of lamb and lamb rib chops, lamb and pork sausages, pasture pork bacon, summer sausage, pepperoni, salami and sliced ham! Be sure to pick up their organic grass-fed beef patties for your next BBQ. They’re already formed and ready to throw on the grill.

Learn more about this wonderful local farm at the Deck Family Farm Webpage!



Egors Acres

Meet Our Producers: Egor’s Acres

Egors AcresEveryone, meet Dave. Dave runs Egor’s Acres in Scio! Dave Eskeldson retired after 25 years as a school teacher and started farming in 1991. Two years later he was certified organic. Dave strives to be a good steward of the land by reducing his needs for fertilizers. He rotates his sheep pasture with cropland and uses food scraps from Willamette University. Dave always seeks to make his farm a great place to work. His workers have a contract with PCUN (Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste – Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworks United) It’s a win-win situation in his opinion. They provide him with high-quality labor and in exchange for a wage that is good for the employees and “good for communities too!”

Dave’s speciality is his sweet and crunchy corn. Around here though, his carrots are legendary. Sweet and crunchy, these little babies fly off the shelf when they’re here. We should be seeing Dave’s carrots soon! In the meantime, kale, pickling cucumbers, lettuce and chard should start arriving this month.

Minto Island Growers (1)

Meet Our Producers: Minto Island Growers

Minto Island Growers (1)Chris Jenkins and Elizabeth Miller leased their land from Elizabeth’s family in 2008 and were certified organic in 2009. Chris and Elizabeth studied agriculture and sustainability in Colorado and now put their knowledge into practice by rotating crops, feeding the soil with cover crops, and planting beneficial flowers and shrubs to attract valuable insects and repel ones that are detrimental. This summer in our produce department you should be able to find strawberries, butter lettuce, radishes, carrots, cabbage and much more. Click here to learn more about Minto Island Growers and their practices.

local farmers_sm

Meet our Producers: Teal Creek Farms


local farmers_smKeith Nelson and Sloan Aagaard of Teal Creek Farms both grew up in the Willamette Valley. It was always their dream to own a farm here. In 1994, they made that dream come true selling their first crop of soft neck garlic to LifeSource! Their love of this valley makes them good stewards of the land, always considering the health and vitality of their property first and foremost.

Since that first crop of garlic, we’ve had a steady supply of certified organic produce from Teal Creek Farms. All of our Tomato and Pepper plants come from Teal Creek Farms, as well as many other plant starts. In our produce department you can find lettuce, spinach, garlic scapes, and fennel. If the weather agrees we hope to see strawberries, raspberries, salad turnips, and new potatoes.


Non-GMO Pet Food


New to the Pet Aisle: Non-GMO dog food! Your pup is a member of your family and GMOs are harmful to his health too. Natural & Delicious from Farmina is an Italian pet food company with high quality, GMO-free ingredients fit for humans and animals alike. We have two varieties to choose from: Boar & Apple or Fish & Orange. They are comprised of 70% animal ingredients and 30% fruits, vegetables and minerals. Both varieties are grain free and made with fresh, cruelty-free ingredients! Click here to find out more about Farmina’s high quality dog food.

new products sm

Tasty New Products

new products sm

We’ve got some great new products at the Source!

We’re excited to add Portland company, Three Sisters Nixtamal, to our tortilla section. Their organic blue & yellow corn tortillas are prepared from freshly ground organic corn masa with nothing more than a pinch of salt. We also have their yellow corn masa so you can prepare your own fresh tortillas, tamales, or gorditas!

There’s two new vegan, meat subsitutes: Turtle Island Coconut Curry Tempeh to add to stir-fry and sandwiches and Helen’s Kitchen Organic Veggie Ground for tacos, spaghetti and more! You’ll also find a new veggie chicken salad sandwich from The Higher Taste.

Have you tried Chuckanut Bay’s delectable gourmet cheesecake yet? Their cheesecake is prepared from the freshest, most natural ingredients from regional dairies and farms. They have a wide range of delectable cheesecakes from gluten free to no sugar added and now we have them  in 5 inch rounds!

We also added a new brand of organic yogurt from Iceland, Smari. It packs a whopping 20 grams of protein per serving! And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also low in sugar, has no fat, and it’s thick, creamy and delicious.

Plus we’ve got new flavors of Trader’s Point Creamery’s grass-fed organic yogurt and Maple Hill’s grass-fed yogurt.

There are great new products being added all the time. Come and see what’s new!