Ahoy! True Cod are Here Again!

It has been a while since True Cod has been available, but we just received some nice fresh fillets today! We also have fresh Ling Cod as well. Again this week, we have Sockeye fillets and steaks, and Coho fillets for your seafood enjoyment. Our Oregon pink shrimp are ecologically harvested from the wild, one of the few sources of clean shrimp in the world.

Fish Dinner

Naturally Abundant Seafood

The fleets have returned with some fresh catch! We have thick fillets of Ling Cod and tender Dover Sole, both fresh today!
We have lots of Salmon steaks and fillets ready for the grill, Halibut and Cooked Crab round out our seafood selections this week. Whatever your seafood preferences, you will find something to whet your appetite. If you need cooking suggestions, read my book review in the LifeSource newsletter and peruse the books in our book department.

Ahi tuna Steak

Seafood lovers rejoice! we have some fresh thick-cut ahi tuna steaks just waiting for you. I just can’t wait for the weekend to grill up a nice slab of tuna!

Crabs are here!

We have a few delicious Dungeness crabs available for this weekend. The season just opened and these are good and heavy!

Petrale Sole and True Cod

Alaskan True Cod are here! Big, fresh cod are ready for your favorite recipes. We also have some Petrale Sole, a smaller, tender, white fish that tastes similar to Halibut. Both varieties were just placed on the shelf fresh today!

Fresh Salmon Season Almost Over

We continue to carry fresh Alaskan Coho Salmon and fresh Columbia River King Chinook, in our seafood department. As the season winds down, we will work with our suppliers to continue to obtain fresh salmon as long as we can. Once the fresh fish are no longer available, we have a great supply of this years salmon harvest, frozen and sealed just after they are caught.

Sea Scallops Sashimi-grade

We have a limited supply of sashimi-grade (previously frozen) sea scallops from the pristine waters of Hotategai Japan. Diver Harvested, these scallops are Seafood Watch Best Choice. Try some tonight!

Fresh Albacore Tuna is Here!

Tuna fishing season has opened. We have Oregon wild Albacore Tuna available now. The “Filet Mignon of seafood,” locally caught Albacore are smaller and younger so they bio-accumulate less mercury and toxins than other tuna. Seafood Watch rated Green, Best Choice! Supply is limited so enjoy soon!  Available alongside Alaskan Salmon and True Cod in our Fresh Meat case.