heriloom tomatoes

Not Just Your Garden Variety Tomato

heriloom tomatoesFrom north to south, and coast to coast, tomatoes are consistently the most popular fruit or vegetable in American gardens. But for most gardeners, just any old tomato plant just won’t do.

apples by muffet

National Apple Month

apples by muffetOctober is National Apple Month and I’m excited because I’m an apple geek. I can ramble on about the slight differences in flavor, texture, color, uses and history of apples the same way wine connoisseurs can about their favorite vintages. I feel justified in this because there are over 7,500 known cultivars of apples.

Microgreens by ilovemypit


Microgreens by ilovemypitAt LifeSource, we love our farmers. They are one of the major reasons our produce department is so amazing. These farmers are dedicated, hard working, talented and continue to amaze me. Ronnie is one of these people. He runs Spectrum Light Organic Farms and provides us with all of our wheatgrass and microgreens. What is a microgreen? Simply put, microgreens are greens that are larger than sprouts and smaller than “baby” salad greens. They are delicious, varied in flavor, and pack a powerful nutritional punch.