Bulk Department – New Containers Only

We are proactive about your safety!

To assure our bulk scoops and bins remain safe for the community, we must restrict bulk packaging material to new paper or plastic containers provided by LifeSource.

We have full service in the bulk department. Let us help find, measure, and package all your bulk needs for you.

We will fresh grind your coffee just how you like it!

You can even order online. Curbside pickup is free.

Come visit our table in the Bulk Department for more information and to get your bulk goods.

For your safety and our staff’s safety, we also encourage you to order online for free curbside pickup or delivery.


  • The virus pandemic has us all on the alert to button down the health and safety precautions we take at home and elsewhere. Taking this step in the bulk department is an outstanding measure to take and one I personally would like to see Life Source continue on into the future.

    The new containers that will be used will get recycled at home in a variety of ways.

    I generally never shop bulk sections in spite of the cost savings, because they generally are never monitored from a food safety perspective. The less hands in the soup, the safer we will all be!

    Thank you for thinking this through in these trying times.

  • Where can we recycle plastic jugs, tubs and cups? We do not have curbside pu in Keizer.


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