Time for a Good Book: Seed Savers

Autumn is upon us. Kids and families are spending more time inside. Thoughts are turning to harvest and fall festivals, and many are still busy preserving the gifts of the earth through canning, freezing, and saving seeds for future planting. It’s an ideal moment, then, to settle in and explore a series of novels about a group of young people in the not-too-distant future who want to do something about the earth that sustains them and the foods they are able—and allowed—to eat.

Lunch Lessons Book Pic

Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children

Lunch Lessons Book PicI have a confession: One of the things I don’t miss in summer is making school lunches for my kids. No matter how much good food I keep in the house, and no matter how I try to craft portable meals they will actually like, it always feels like a rush and a hassle, and all for a no-guarantees result: they are picky and don’t want anything unfamiliar, yet are often bored with the familiar and don’t always eat it. But I’m short on money, time, and ideas. ARGH. If your experience is anything like mine, we might both benefit from Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children.

Nut Butter Universe

Nut Butter Universe

Nut Butter UniverseHave you been hearing about the multiple health benefits of nuts and wondering how to get more of them into your daily food intake? Are you a nut-lover who is concerned about allergies, fat and calorie content, and/or adhering to a special diet? Do you—like me—practically have an addiction to nuts and want validation for eating some every day?

Fish Dinner

Naturally Abundant Seafood

The fleets have returned with some fresh catch! We have thick fillets of Ling Cod and tender Dover Sole, both fresh today!
We have lots of Salmon steaks and fillets ready for the grill, Halibut and Cooked Crab round out our seafood selections this week. Whatever your seafood preferences, you will find something to whet your appetite. If you need cooking suggestions, read my book review in the LifeSource newsletter and peruse the books in our book department.