Our visit to Hunton’s farm, and Camas Country Mill

So many of the products we carry at LifeSource are locally grown in the Willamette Valley.  Recently,  several of our staff payed a  visit to Hunton’s farm and Camas Country Mill.  Located in the heart of the valley, these businesses supply us wheat and spelt flour for our bulk department.  The tour was an incredible opportunity to see the process of flour production from field, to mill, to bag.  We began our tour with a short visit to the actual fields, where we saw hard red wheat only days from harvest. Growing next to the hard wheat was an experimental planting of durum wheat, ideal for pasta. After a nibble of some fresh pastries, we set off to see the stone mill where the flours are ground. The miller had just finished milling some bread flour, and we watched as it was bagged for shipment. We learned about the triple-sifting and testing process that ensures the highest level of quality of the finished flour. As we have the opportunities to visit more local farms and businesses, we’ll bring you articles and posts in our newsletter, and here on

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LifeSource thanks Hummingbird Wholesale, The Hunton family and Camas Country Mill, for making this all possible!

Deck Family Farm

Meet Our Producers: Deck Family Farm

Deck Family FarmDeck Family Farm is located in Junction City, Oregon, nestled between three creeks, a mixed conifer forest, and spring wetlands. All of their products are certified organic and are free from hormones or antibiotics. Respect for their animals and land is first and foremost at the Deck Farm. They provide a pasture-based system that not only mimics the natural habitat of their wild ancestors but is also beneficial to the vitality of the land. In fact, the Deck family restored over 2 miles of creeks that were traditionally used to water cattle, improving the water quality and habitat for native animals.

There’s plenty to love about Deck Family Farm. They truly love their animals and it shows in their high quality products. We carry a variety of delicious products from Deck Family Farm. Look for their organic pasture eggs and soy-free eggs. The first thing you’ll notice when you open the carton is the variety of beautiful colors. Half the fun is picking which egg you want to eat! Then, when you crack it open, prepare to be surprised by the bright color of the yolk. A sure sign of freshness! We also carry boneless leg of lamb and lamb rib chops, lamb and pork sausages, pasture pork bacon, summer sausage, pepperoni, salami and sliced ham! Be sure to pick up their organic grass-fed beef patties for your next BBQ. They’re already formed and ready to throw on the grill.

Learn more about this wonderful local farm at the Deck Family Farm Webpage!




You Bread-er Check These Out!

breadsLabor Day has arrived and we’ve got some tasty, new hot dog buns that are sure to please! Check out these local hot dog buns from Breadstop Bakery in Eugene. They come in Honey Wheat and Challah! These little guys look so delicious even in their packaging you’ll want to tear them open before you even make it out of the store. And for your gluten free friends and family pick up a package of  Canyon Bakehouse gluten free hot dog buns! Their hot dog buns are every bit as amazing as their breads and hamburger buns. It’s hard to believe these babies are gluten free!!

If burgers are more your thing, we’ve got Organic Orzery Wheat OneBuns. Delectable thin sandwich buns with only 60 calories! Made in small batches with no artificial ingredients to ensure that each bun is full of flavor. Enjoy a Sol Cuisine Sprouted Quinoa Chia burger on top of a OneBun this Monday for a guilt-free Labor Day.

Also new this month, we now have Blueberry Bagels from Marsee Bakery. A sweet new addition to the other wonderful Marsee Bagels and products here at LifeSource.