Healthy New Snacks!

ub_para_bag1Let’s face it. We all love chips. There’s no denying it. Here’s a chip you can feel good about! Way Better tortilla chips are made with simple ingredients and sprouted grains, seeds and beans. Plus they’re on sale for $2.99 each!

tmitrNeed an energy boost? Try Two Moms in the Raw nut bars.These healthy and delicious snacks are 100% organic, raw, vegan, free of wheat, dairy, soy, refined sugars and gluten free! That’s a whole lot of awesome in one package. Or if you’re looking for something a little more decadent that you can still feel good about check out their Almond Butter Cacao truffles!

We’re also excited to carry the new organic, GMO-free nutritional yeast from Hummingbird Wholesale in Eugene. Organic yeast flakes are high in Vitamin B and minerals and have a natural, aromatic flavor that are great for salads, soups, and veggies. This yeast has more of a beer flavor than traditional nutritional yeasts, but is still quite tasty! It’s a great option for those who choose not to support the GMO industry.


New Local Products


Camas Country grains are grown outside of Junction City on a third-generation family farm and stone milled in Eugene. We’ve carried their hard red wheat and pastry flour in our bulk department for a few years, but you can now find a variety their packaged flours in the baking aisle. Some of the new varieties that we carry are the spelt flour, which is an heirloom variety of wheat, and teff flour, a tiny grain from Ethiopia that is big on nutrition! You can also buy the hard red wheat and pastry flour in 4 pound bags. Camas Country Mill packaged products are on sale until Monday, the 25th. Stop by and pick some up!



Also new to the shelves is apple sauce from Apple Hill Farm with apples grown organically in Oregon and Washington. Try the blackberry flavor too, featuring Washington blackberries!



While you’re here check out our newest gluten-free pizza mix out of Portland. Legit Pizza’s crust mix is made out of high-quality ingredients sourced from local suppliers whenever possible. Plus, it’s GMO free!

A word about arsenic in rice

As you may be aware, researchers at Dartmouth published a paper on arsenic levels in rice products earlier this year. Recently, Consumer Reports published an article in which they looked at the same issue. Both found some fairly high levels in a range of products, so there has quite understandably been a fair amount of media attention and public concern.

Blue Lotus Chai

The Blue Lotus Chai Company is the result of a decades-long spiritual journey throughout India in which the owners of Blue Lotus Chai, Barbara Skolnick and Craig Bell, returned again and again.

From their website:

The Blue Lotus Chai story was borne of our mutual love of India and a passion for the delicious, authentic spiced tea called masala chai. Our deep connection to this ancient land began in the 70’s through our personal spiritual journeys, ultimately leading us to travel to India on pilgrimage, returning year after year.

After enjoying so many varying versions of “the perfect chai”  Craig and Barbara decided to try to recreate the recipe back home in Eugene, Oregon to match their “own admittedly high standards of deliciousness”.

This Traditional Masala Chai is a combination of finely ground flash-dried 100% organic Indian tea leaves and spices that are soluble in water. Just a 1/4 teaspoon (from the bamboo spoon included in each tin) dissolved in a cup of hot water makes a delicious and robust chai. Each tin can make up to 100 cups!

10% of the company’s net profits are donated to various charities.