Earth-friendly, Natural Products for a Mama-to-be

Written by guest blogger, Kourtney Linebaugh, of Samvid Beauty.

I recently learned I am an aunt-to-be!

After the initial excitement, my attention has turned to the health and wellness of the new mama-to-be.

Expectant moms can be inundated with well-meaning advice and opinions, and while it can be very exciting, I am sure it can be overwhelming too. I knew I wanted to help by finding the new mom a few goodies that I trust, without having to explain why I choose alternatives to mainstream products or bother her with more advice. It was important for me to get the expectant mom something that would be good for her and her growing baby.

I asked myself, “Where can I get a gift for the mama-to-be when I care about the earth, natural products, and quality?” The answer? Something from LifeSource.

I walked into LifeSource last weekend with the idea that I wanted a product for stretch marks, comforting tea, and a magazine. When I arrived, a friendly and warm employee named Jessie opened me up to many more ideas. She showed me the pregnancy/baby area where you can find diapers, natural cremes, and soaps.

With a little bit of looking around the aisles, and the help of Jessie, I put together an all-natural, mama-to-be friendly basket.

Mother’s Special Blend: An oil to help soften the skin and prepare the belly for new growth. It is made of plant based oils to help prevent stretch marks. I will also mention that it’s not a strong scent, which is perfect for a pregnant woman’s sometimes sensitive sense of smell.

Mama-To-Be Tea: These herbs are for different time periods of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, nauseousness, the third trimester, or for that peaceful mama time.

What Jessie, from LifeSource, suggested for the basket:

Embrace Pregnancy Journal: Beautiful artwork and pages organized to inspire you to capture the special moments of being pregnant.

Evening Primrose Oil: A supplement that has fatty acids and is beneficial to the mother’s uterine wall lining.

These are easy gifts to find at LifeSource. At the end of the day this is a simple and healthy way to help an expectant mom relax into her new found pregnancy.

Thank you LifeSource!