Blue Lotus Chai

The Blue Lotus Chai Company is the result of a decades-long spiritual journey throughout India in which the owners of Blue Lotus Chai, Barbara Skolnick and Craig Bell, returned again and again.

From their website:

The Blue Lotus Chai story was borne of our mutual love of India and a passion for the delicious, authentic spiced tea called masala chai. Our deep connection to this ancient land began in the 70’s through our personal spiritual journeys, ultimately leading us to travel to India on pilgrimage, returning year after year.

After enjoying so many varying versions of “the perfect chai”  Craig and Barbara decided to try to recreate the recipe back home in Eugene, Oregon to match their “own admittedly high standards of deliciousness”.

This Traditional Masala Chai is a combination of finely ground flash-dried 100% organic Indian tea leaves and spices that are soluble in water. Just a 1/4 teaspoon (from the bamboo spoon included in each tin) dissolved in a cup of hot water makes a delicious and robust chai. Each tin can make up to 100 cups!

10% of the company’s net profits are donated to various charities.