Deli Weekly Menu

MONDAY 4.26 Monterey Lime Enchiladas, Chilaquiles, Fajita Vegetables
TUESDAY 4.27 Tofu & Broccoli Szchezuan, Coconut Creamed Vegetables, Stir-Fry Yam & Celery, Balsamic Vegetables
WEDNESDAY 4.28 Alfredo Lasagna, Oven Roasted Ratatouille, Braised Bean Curd
THURSDAY 4.29 Parmesan Scalloped Potatoes, Jerk Tofu, Roasted Roots
FRIDAY 4.30 Polenta Pizza, Sage Buttered Zucchini, Broccoli Rice Au Gratin
SATURDAY 5.01 Breakfast, Tomato & Dill Quinoa Quiche, Chinese Vegetables, Vegetable Fried Rice
SUNDAY 5.02 Breakfast, Sweet & Sour Vegetables, Coconut Rice

Worthless Swamp Land?

We’ve all heard the jokes about  selling swamp land and most of us have been conditioned to view a swamp as something undesirable and of no value. It’s scary, it’s smelly, there are all kinds of creepy-crawly, venomous creatures lurking about. You can’t grow or build anything on it. Swamps have unclear and ever changing boundaries and are hard to enclose and exploit. They just sit there – unless we drain them, tame them, plant on them or pave over them. Who on earth would want swamp land?

Deli Menu for the week of 4/5/10 – 4/11/10

Day ‘o the week



Monday 4/5/10 Mexican Cornbread Quiche, Fajita Vegetables, Mexican Fried Rice
Tuesday 4/6/10 Lasagna Verdure, Mushroom Risotto, Stir-Fry Yam & Celery
Wednesday 4/7/10 Red Dragon Curry, Coconut Creamed Vegetables, Pad Thai
Thursday 4/8/10 Indian Curry, Baba Ganoush Stuffed Tomatoes, Roasted Roots
Friday 4/9/10 Macaroni & Cheese, S.W. Zucchini, Spinach Corn Souffle
Saturday 4/10/10 Breakfast, Vegetable Quinoa Quiche, Yakisoba
Sunday 4/11/10 Breakfast, Baked Vegetables, Mushroom Almond Stir-Fry

Vitamin Retailer Magazine Retailer of the Year Award

LifeSource incorporates earth-friendly, sustainable practices in many aspects of its operations. Beamer said promoting organic and local products is probably one of their biggest actions. “Our produce department is 99 percent organic and we feature organic products throughout our store. I believe many of our natural product lines support sustainability in their practices—householdLifeSource was pleased to receive the first ever Vitamin Retailer Magazine Retailer of the year award in August 2008.

The Natural Products Association Socially Responsible Retailer Award

Annual Awards Program
Each year the Natural Products Association honors dedicated individuals who have made significant contributions benefiting the natural products industry. At the Natural Products Association’s annual trade show and convention, members gather to salute those dedicated individuals who have contributed so much to the association and the industry. Award recipients are honored during the Natural Products Association’s annual trade show and convention.

About The Socially Responsible Retailer Award
The Socially Responsible Retailer Award recognizes Natural Products Association member companies that excel in integrating social responsibility in multiple aspects of their businesses including volunteerism, education, employee empowerment, environment and health. This year’s recipients are Good Foods Grocery in Richmond, Virginia, LifeSource Natural Foods in Salem, Oregon, and Marlene’s Market and Deli in Federal Way, Washington.

(source: Natural Products Association website

LifeSource Natural Foods is a retail store located in Salem, Oregon, with a focus on supporting its customers’ healthy lifestyles and environmental consciousness. The store specializes in organic foods and locally produced products, with a 100-percent organic produce department, products for people with special dietary needs, and a vegetarian deli. The store has more than 50 employees. Since opening in 1994, LifeSource Natural Foods has been proactive on issues of sustainability — the store meets 100 percent of its electrical load with clean wind power through Portland General Electric. The stores follow what they call a “humanistic approach” with employees, striving to pay its employees a livable wage and encouraging a work/life balance.