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Help! I’m Allergic to Spring!

Spring BudsIt’s Spring! Hooray!

Ah-ah-ahhhhchoooo! Oh yeah, it’s Spring alright! While each season has some common allergens to contend with, Spring takes it to a new level. Tree pollen, grass pollen and molds are all dancing happily through the air, just waiting for the opportunity to hitch a ride to their next encounter. Unfortunately, one of the places they end up is in our noses. But, there are ways to minimize prolonged exposure as well as build up your defenses before they get a foot hold.

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Tasty New Products

new products sm

We’ve got some great new products at the Source!

We’re excited to add Portland company, Three Sisters Nixtamal, to our tortilla section. Their organic blue & yellow corn tortillas are prepared from freshly ground organic corn masa with nothing more than a pinch of salt. We also have their yellow corn masa so you can prepare your own fresh tortillas, tamales, or gorditas!

There’s two new vegan, meat subsitutes: Turtle Island Coconut Curry Tempeh to add to stir-fry and sandwiches and Helen’s Kitchen Organic Veggie Ground for tacos, spaghetti and more! You’ll also find a new veggie chicken salad sandwich from The Higher Taste.

Have you tried Chuckanut Bay’s delectable gourmet cheesecake yet? Their cheesecake is prepared from the freshest, most natural ingredients from regional dairies and farms. They have a wide range of delectable cheesecakes from gluten free to no sugar added and now we have them  in 5 inch rounds!

We also added a new brand of organic yogurt from Iceland, Smari. It packs a whopping 20 grams of protein per serving! And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also low in sugar, has no fat, and it’s thick, creamy and delicious.

Plus we’ve got new flavors of Trader’s Point Creamery’s grass-fed organic yogurt and Maple Hill’s grass-fed yogurt.

There are great new products being added all the time. Come and see what’s new!


From Grain to Glass: The Gist of the Grist

BeerImagine pouring a glass of your favorite craft beer. The fizzy froth that forms as it gurgles into the glass. The sweet, bready, and roasty aromas that captivate the nose. The rich and lustrous golden hues that please the eye. The delicious malty flavor that fills the mouth. And then that little extra something that delivers a blissful, easing sensation that stimulates smiles and sociability.


Gearing up for Gardening

SeedlingLast fall, I wrote about the wonderful harvest we had from our front yard garden. A couple of years back we dug up our lawn and decided to plant food. We are now beginning our third season of home grown organic veggies and it’s a time of eager expectations, but the seasons must be honored. We are certainly not experts and mostly just figure it out as we go along. It’s an evolving process, but experimentation is half the fun. Since last year was better than the first, and we’re getting a good head start this year, I think we’re going to do even better this time around.