Isn’t it funny how dairy and eggs go together?  Such different animals and yet they are so often linked. We’ve got a very fine variety of both. Local, white, brown, vegetarian, organic, omega enriched, whites only and even Duck Eggs. From milk to yogurt to butter, we’ve got You covered. Sunshine Dairy that’s rBGH free, Straus Family Farms in glass bottles. Whipped butter, stick butter, clarified butter, soy and soy free alternatives. And not a one of them is hydrogenated. You’ll find no trans fats here! Yogurt with fruit on the bottom, fruit on the top, made like the Greek’s make it and like the Aussie’s make it and like Nancy makes it in Eugene. Soy, coconut & almond alternatives.  And that doesn’t even include the ice creams!!

On the other hand, we love to offer choices to support every special diet. That’s why we stock such a wide variety of Dairy Free Foods:

  • Casein and Lactose Free Cheese
  • Milk & Cream Alternatives
  • Non-dairy Whipped Dessert Toppings
  • Velvety Dairy Free Chocolate
  • Decadent Frozen Desserts
  • Soy and Coconut Based Cultured Yogurt & Kefir Products

photo by: themissiah


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