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We make it easy to eat healthy, fresh, and locally grown organic produce

New Recipe

Spicy Fish Tacos


Shop the highest-quality certified organic, non-GMO and Fair Trade bulk products

We take great care in selecting products that are sustainability grown, caught, or prepared with the Earth in mind. 

New Recipe

Zoodles with Cashew Alfredo Sauce

Made fresh daily by hand with the same eye toward customer care and satisfaction that LifeSource is famous for.

Gluten-Free Heroes!

Simple Mills believes that if you don’t recognize an ingredient, chances are your body won’t either. So they stick to delicious, real-food ingredients that are naturally 100% Gluten-Free.

Grilling Chicken

Marinate Meats For Grilling

In the marinated steaks, HCA levels were reduced an average of 71%. The doctor also found that using only the bases of the same marinades (without any herbs or spices) did not have the same protective effect.

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Spring 2020 Issue

This issue brings us a magnificent crop of recipes and articles from our LifeSource team.
  • We’re marking the end of an era at LifeSource, as our founder and longtime leader, Alex Beamer, enters retirement. Ben meets with Alex to discuss his quarter-century with LifeSource and his plans for the future.
  • Tabetha offers a report from a volunteer trip to Marion Polk Food Share, an organization that is more important now than ever, as many deal with food insecurity.
  • Learn how people historically foraged fresh food during the ‘hunger gap’ in early spring.
  • Meet LifeSource Chef Devereux Alo, creator of many LifeSource Deli favorites.
  • Learn the secrets of easy food and wine pairings, with our handy guide.
  • Discover our kitchen-tested recipes for spring brunch favorites.

You’ll find those articles, more recipes, and hear about some of the team’s favorites in this issue of News in Natural.

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Eat Well. Be Happy.

Not only do our products have to be good for you, they have to be good for the planet too.

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