Early Hour Shopping Hours 8-9am

To protect the health and safety of those most vulnerable to the Coronavirus, we are reserving the first hour of shopping for vulnerable guests. This includes people over the age of 62, pregnant, or immunocompromised.

We encourage other guests to plan their shopping trips around this timeframe.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • I’m attempting to make an order that I’ll need later this week, however one item i’d like is chicken drumsticks and chicken breast. on Sat-Sunday these items have been sold out. If you get new stock do you take the out of stock notification off to allow people to order? I’ve run into this previous to this and I hate having to call and add a note to me delivery.

    I know your all very busy and I’d prefer to make your lives simpler.

    Thank you for being there, I know these are stressful time and I want you to know that we appreciate your being there for us. Maybe this year instead of doing a customer appreciation day, we customers should do a Staff appreciation day by paying for and giving you all the day off. Its a long way off but hang in there. We love you:)

    • Eileen,
      Thank you for the question, I’m sure this has puzzled others as well.
      I have asked our team to advise the best answers to your questions.

      Chicken Availability:
      Aurora Valley Chicken has slimmed down operations due to safety and health concerns.
      Until further notice, the only item we can get from Aurora Valley Chicken is Whole Body chickens.

      New guidelines:
      Due to overwhelming demand, we must adhere to the following:
      Once an order is placed, we are not able to add on to the order.
      We are doing substitutions for very similar items as part of the pick process.
      We are not able to do orders through any other method than LifeCart.
      (If someone is unable to use LifeCart, they are able to shop during business hours.)
      We are not able to merge orders.
      (Sometimes customers are placing a second order to add on items they missed, but since we are 2+ days out, they are requesting we merge their new order with their original one.)

      Hopefully this helps to understand the limits we are under.
      We apologize for the inconvenience.
      Matthew Trickey
      LifeSource Customer Service


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