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Our Mission

Leading the way to great health for people, commu­nity and Earth.

Our Vision

LifeSource is widely known as the destination to find an abundant selection of fresh, delicious, healthy, organic and local foods, as well as a large selection
of the best wellness products. Our highly trained team delights and educates our customers. Through the healthy choices made by our customers, our community thrives and the sustainability of the Earth is enhanced. In doing so, LifeSource also thrives.

Our values

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 Calendar of Upcoming LifeSource Events

october, 2019

No Events

LifeSource Community Room 

LifeSource Community Room is  a cozy meeting space for groups or individuals.

Through special arrangement, we offer this space to the community for use in alignment with our mission.

 Download Community Room Request Form:   Word     PDF

Details:   LifeSource Community Room is a meeting space available evenings and weekends. 

The room is 13′ by 20′

holds up to 25 people.

and comes equipped with:

3 banquet style tables 

Folding chairs

Chalkboard and

Projector screen

We show the room by appointment, so we can share access and use instructions and restrictions.  

We do not charge for events for which there is no charge to attendees.  For events that charge a fee, the cost is 10% of the event income.

To begin the reservation process,  please complete and return this form in an email to the following address:

LifeSource Community Room is made possible by your continued patronage of LifeSource Natural Foods. We therefore limit product sales, and promotional meetings to products and brands sold at LifeSource Natural Foods.  Due to the public association between LifeSource Natural Foods, and LifeSource Community Room, we reserve the right to limit the use of the room to activities that promote our mission.

If you have any questions about LifeSource Community Room, please contact us at the following address:   

We appreciate your interest in the community, and in LifeSource Community Room. 

Thank you for helping our community continue to be as vibrant and generous as it is.

More details are available by contacting our marketing and outreach department.

LifeSource Natural Foods

2649 Commercial St SE

Salem Oregon, 97302


We appreciate the opportunity to offer a space for educational and interactive classes for the Salem Community.

Photographs of LifeSource Community Room


Community Room Request Form


Community Room Reservation Form

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