LifeSource selects Sustainable Seafood

We carry only seafood in Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Best Choices, and Good Alternatives categories, never from the Avoid categories.

A link to download the Seafood Watch West Coast Regional Guide.

Fresh Seafood is Here!

Oregon Fish

Fresh off the boat! Sea captains radio ahead to tell us what fish they are catching, and we order the freshest catch.

Oregon Pink Shrimp

Often called ‘Popcorn Shrimp,’ these small, but delicious morsels are the perfect salad topper, or ingredient for shrimp cakes.

Petrale Sole

Roll a thin fillet of Petrale Sole around some Dungeness Crab Meat and a bit of cream cheese for an irresistable treat.

The Best Oysters Ever

"Pacific Seafood works collaboratively with the NOAA Fisheries Science Centers, the Regional Fisheries Councils, the states, and the NOAA Fisheries Policy Division to ensure our fisheries are robust and our stocks are sustainable long into the future. Today Pacific Seafood offers 34 MSC-certified species and 20 MSC-certified sustainable facilities, plus our BAP certified oyster farms. We recently became the first and only company to offer BAP four-star certified oysters which has generated an incredible response from our customers and consumers."
Pacific Seafood
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