A Tale of Local Strawberries

       In the wee hours of the morning, shadows emerge from wisps of mist that gently float over the strawberry fields of Nottinghamshire Farms. The shadows are farm workers, carefully selecting only the ripest strawberries, preparing to load the old farm truck, and deliver the berries to LifeSource.  

       At LifeSource, our produce team mirrors the labor of the farmworkers. We carefully arrange our displays to perfectly cradle the anticipated deliveries of the day. This morning, we can barely contain our excitement, as we anticipate the arrival of the first local strawberry harvest of the spring. 

       Our memories of years past, when the farm was known as Zorn Strawberry Farms, are filled with the fragrance of the ripe berries wafting from the many flats as they arrive.

       This year, the farm has a new name, reflecting the English heritage and birthplace of owner Anthony Stevens, but the berries will still be born of the mild Oregon climate, and fertile soil of the farm near St. Paul.

At Nottinghamshire Farms, we grow the highest quality organic produce. We aim to farm with sustainable practices in order to care for the environment and our land.

Anthony and Amanda Stevens - Owners

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