Temporary Store Capacity Limits

new store capacity limits

To support safe social distancing while shopping, we’re applying temporary store capacity limits. 

We’re allowing 20 customers at a time to enter the store to shop for groceries to provide you extra space to shop in comfort.

We will have a team member positioned at our doorway accepting your name and phone number. When it’s your turn to shop, we will text you that we’re ready. Much like waiting at a restaurant.


  • Thank you for the extra work this will entail. I appreciate how much you are doing.

  • The responsibility and heart LifeSource has always shown and given gladly to its community. 🥰

  • Life Source is a wonderful place to shop but even on a good day it is always a little cramped. During this pandemic, thank you for putting your collective genius into implementing this. As a member of the high risk community, I probably will not be taking advantage of it, but I can see that you understand the severity of the pandemic and care enough to be part of the solution. Thank you for leaning into this decision by having someone at the door to monitor it.


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