LifeSource can be a cool, fun, and enriching place to work (we think)!

We believe that practicing true sustainability extends beyond the food that we eat or the products we purchase. We know that the quality of the workplace can have a fundamental impact on the health and well being of our employees and that a great working environment can have a ripple effect that exerts a positive influence on our community as a whole.

LifeSource is an equal opportunity employer that strives to honor the diversity and individuality of our employees. We provide a nurturing and supportive work environment, a living wage, health benefits, an employee retirement plan, an employee profit sharing plan, staff discounts on everything we sell, and we thank our staff with seasonal employee gatherings and celebrations.

If you would like to be considered for employment with us please click one of the following links to download our Employment Application.  The application is in PDF format and may be downloaded. Completed applications can be emailed directly to us or you can print it and hand deliver it to our store.


LifeSource Employment Application