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Help Build A Sustainable Future

Practicing true sustainability extends beyond the food that we eat or the products we purchase. We know that the quality of the workplace can have a fundamental impact on the health and well being of our employees and that a great working environment can have a ripple effect that exerts a positive influence on our community as a whole.

LifeSource is an equal opportunity employer that strives to honor the diversity and individuality of our employees.

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A Nurturing And Supportive Work Environment

At LifeSource, we truly care about our team members and work hard to build a supportive culture where people can grow professionally and personally.

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A Living Wage & Emergency Draws

We believe in paying a living wage to every team member and offer a wage draw on a limited basis to help you through a short-term financial emergency.

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Health Benefits

We care about our team members and customers health. Full-time team members are provided medical and dental insurance to keep you healthy and feeling great.

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An Employee Retirement Plan

We offer a competitive 401k Retirement Plan and match and contribute to your retirement account every year based on your previous fiscal year’s wages.

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An Employee Profit Sharing Plan

hare the abundance. LifeSource shares a portion of its quarterly profits with you as a way of honoring the role of each of you play in making LifeSource successful and profitable.

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Staff Discounts On Everything We Sell

If you have worked in the last 30 days, you and the people who live in your household are eligible for an employee discount. This includes 15% off all shelf stock and deli food, 40% off health and beauty purchases, and wholesale cost for large special orders.

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Seasonal Employee Gatherings And Celebrations

Every year LifeSource honors the contribution our team members make with an annual party where we provide food and entertainment. This is a great opportunity to meet your fellow coworkers.

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Paid Volunteer Opportunities

As part of our ongoing commitment to assist our local community organizations, all employees who have completed their introductory period can receive paid days while working with the (approved) community organization of their choice.

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Educational Opportunities And Benefits

LifeSource supports and encourages its employees to increase their knowledge in their work-related field. There are several opportunities to do this each year where LifeSource may pay for your fees, materials, time and travel expenses.

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Paid Holidays

If you work on a holiday that we are open (New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day) you will receive holiday pay at one and a half times your normal rate.

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Birthday Benefits Including Paid Time Off

If you are full time, you will receive paid time off (see below) for your birthday whether it falls on a workday or not. You can take you actual birthday as your paid day off or you can choose another workday to have as a paid day off.

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3 Month Sabbaticals

We offer the ability to take an extended leave to enjoy a fulfilling experience knowing a position awaits you upon your return. You will continue to participate in our profit-sharing plan and health benefits while you’re away.

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Gym Membership Benefits

We want to support our team members health, that’s why we offer each team member and up to 1 additional adult at the same address $20 toward their gym membership with our partner, Courthouse Fitness.

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Alternative Transportation Benefits

We want to encourage our team members to live a sustainable life, that’s why we offer a daily credit when you carpool, walk, bike, or use any other sustainable transportation method.

If you would like to be considered for employment with us please click one of the following links to download our Employment Application.  

The application is in PDF format and may be downloaded. 

Completed applications can be emailed directly to us or you can print it and hand deliver it to our store.

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