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LifeSource Natural Foods | Commitment to Sustainability


our sustainability program is designed to support the well-being of people, our community and our planet.

Working hard to use our planet’s resources more wisely and take better care of people is very important to us.

We hope to be a role model, showing that it is possible to run business that is actively engaged in the community, takes good care of the planet, its employees, and its customers and is also fiscally successful.

To help us achieve these goals we created a Sustainability Coordinator position in 2008 and joined the Sustainable Food Trade Association. By joining this organization we committed to continuous improvement and transparency around practices in key areas.

At this point we also began tracking and reporting annually about our performance in the 11 action categories: organic land use, water use, distribution and sourcing, energy, climate change and emissions, solid waste reduction, packaging and marketing materials, labor, animal care, sustainability education, governance and community engagement.

We all take care of each other.

– Thank You!

Here are a few of the things we are pleased to have accomplished:


  • 70% of our employees receive paid health insurance (those who work an average of more than 30 hours a week).
  • 100% of health insurance premiums for employees are paid by the business.
  • 81% of our employees participate in our retirement program.
  • We offer great benefits to our staff including paid vacation, family leave and sick time, discount on all purchases, and profit sharing.
We believe in taking care of people: we take care of our staff, staff takes care of our customers, customers take care of us, we all take care of each other.


  • We offer paid community service hours for our employees who volunteer in our community.
  • We carry over 2000 “Close to Home” products.
  • We contribute to more than local 20 organizations a month.
  • We host 30+ classes or community meetings per month in our community room.
  • LifeSource sponsors or attends at least 4 community events per month Organic.


  • All of LifeSource’s electricity comes from solar or wind power.
  • By installing dual flush toilets and low flow aerators we reduced water use by 170,000 gallons per year (enough water to fill 7 average size swimming pools).
  • We reduced our carbon footprint by 15% since 2010: last year employees saved 2 metric tons of CO2 walking or riding their bikes to work.
  • 92% of the food service supplies we use are recyclable or compostable.
  • Our Fall and Spring Celebrations are waste free events! We use all compostable sample ware!
We have increased our selection and you have increased your purchases of organic foods by $400,000 (or by 4%) this year, thereby reducing the amount of petro-chemicals finding their way into our soil, water and air—and consequently improving the health of the soil, the water and the air upon which all of us who live here on Earth depend.

LifeSource Rooftop Solar Energy Plant

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