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Fall 2019 Issue

This issue brings us a magnificent crop of recipes and articles from our LifeSource team.
  • Tabetha offers up a preview of the many mushrooms that will come to us from Oregon’s forests over the coming weeks, and kicks in some fantastic mushroom recipes for good measure.
  • Olivia discusses the potential hazards of the ubiquitous chemical BPA, and tells us how to avoid it.
  • Ben was grateful to have gotten the chance to sit down with Reyna Lopez, the Executive Director of PCUN, about the union’s struggle on behalf of Oregon’s farmworker community.

You’ll find those articles, more recipes, and hear about some of the team’s favorites in this issue of News in Natural.

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Sustainable Value

Every product on our shelves is from a company that cares about sustainability and the environment as much as we do. We partner with local Oregon farmers and businesses to deliver fresh, delicious, and locally grown produce and products. When you shop at LifeSource, you’re directly supporting the 120 local organizations we provide donations and sponsorships too every year.

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