We hope you enjoy these photographs of some of the Jack-O'Lanterns carved by LifeSource staff members.

A Jack-o’-lantern is a carved pumpkin lantern, used as a Halloween decoration.


 Carving and photograph courtesy of Sophia.

Illuminated by the light of a candle flame, the Jack-o’-lantern can cast eerie shadows, and display a scary countenance.

Photograph and carving courtesy of Sophia.

Its name comes from Ireland, where strange lights flickering over peat bogs are called will-o’-the-wisps, or jack-o’-lanterns.

Carving and photograph courtesy of Anna.

Jack-o’-lanterns glow from within, warming our spirits, and lighting our way.

Photograph and carving courtesy of Anna.


In loving memory of Beth Taylor


Photograph and carving courtesy of Zira.


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