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Pollen Season. Allergy relief?

Pollen Season. Allergy relief? Peppermint Nettles Cooler and Nettles Lemonade

Sneezes On The Breezes Spring brings occasional rain showers, sun showers, and showers of pollen, wafting on the breeze. If you experience pollen allergies, you may already be dreading  your body’s immune responses. Fortunately, spring also brings an abundance of nettles. Growing wild, nettles might be unfriendly to the touch, producing welts and skin irritation. […]

Marion Polk Food Share Youth Farm

Marion Polk Food Share Youth Farm Marion Polk Food Share Youth Farm

Marion Polk Food Share Youth Farm  The average age for a farmer in the United States is almost 60. People under the age of 35 make up less than 5% of all farmers. Getting a new generation excited about farming and equipped with the skills and resources they need to succeed will be critical to […]

Celebrate Oktoberfest

Celebrate Oktoberfest

Bring A Bit Of Bavarian Charm To The Northwest! Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volksfest (beer festival and travelling funfair) held annually in Munich, Germany. Running from late September to the first weekend in October, it’s a 16- to 18-day folk festival where millions of visitors from around the globe gather to enjoy Bavarian beer, […]

Plentiful Plates Recipe Book

Plentiful Plates Recipe Book Plentiful Plates - A collection of recipes from LifeSource

LifeSource Introduces – Plentiful Plates A collection of recipes from LifeSource Photography by Catherine Dwelley Click Image To Download. See Recipe Books Dive into the delightful world of culinary artistry with “Plentiful Plates.” our cookbook offers a curated selection of mouthwatering recipes that cater to a diverse range of palates. Whether you’re a novice or […]

Lester’s Horseradish

Lester’s Horseradish Lester's Horseradish

Lester’s Legendary Horseradish by Marney Roddick At Passover time, my old friend Lester provided fresh horseradish for the entire Rogue Valley Jewish community, which back in the ‘70s stretched from Wolf Creek to Yreka.  He had a huge patch of horseradish plants in his backyard that he harvested every spring.  Fresh horseradish is a perennial […]

Reusable Containers

Reusable Containers Reusable Containers

We are glad to report the restrictions on reusing your own containers to purchase foods from our produce and bulk departments have been lifted by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. We welcome you to begin refilling your reusable containers to buy produce, and bulk, according to these guidelines: Your reusable container must be visibly clean. […]

Winter Holiday Cookbook

Winter Holiday Cookbook Winter Holiday Cookbook

Delicious treats for festive entertaining, LifeSource presents Winter Holiday Cookbook, a collection of holiday recipes perfect for any feasting holiday you enjoy celebrating. These recipes were developed in our home kitchen, using ingredients from LifeSource, and designed to be easily prepared by amateur cooks. We hope you delight in these recipes, and please share the […]

Gluten Free Stuffing DIY

Gluten Free Stuffing DIY Classic Stuffing

DIY Gluten Free, & Plant Based, Classic Stuffing There seems to be a shortage of pre-made gluten free stuffing around the holidays, but we have an easy solution you can make at home. Use our recipe for Classic Stuffing, and substitute gluten free bread as the main ingredient. (Find gluten free bread options at LifeSource!) Begin […]

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