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Category: Vendor Spotlight

Willamette Valley Wheat

Willamette Valley Wheat

A blog article from 2016 from LifeSource.Written by Matthew Trickey    Many of the products we carry at LifeSource are locally grown in the Willamette Valley.  Recently,  several of our staff payed a  visit to Hunton’s farm and Camas Country Mill.  Located in the heart of the valley, these businesses supply us wheat and spelt flour […]

Essential Formulas

Spotlight on Essential formulas This year marks the 20th anniversary of Essential Formulas, a family-owned and operated business passionate about empowering consumers to take control of their health. Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics® leads the way in this important goal. Dr. Ohhira formulated a unique probiotic formula that contains 12 strains of proven probiotics, plus prebiotic fibers […]


Sunsoil is high-quality CBD made simple What that means is simple ingredients, processing, and pricing. For ingredients, we use fewer than five to create each of our CBD products. Our core ingredients are always our Vermont-grown organic hemp and organic coconut oil. Our hemp is grown on our own farms and harvested by hand in […]

Fern’s Edge Goat Dairy

Fern’s Edge Goat Dairy Fern's Edge Goat Dairy Herd

Introducing the new owners of Ferns Edge Goat Dairy   Ethan and Calie  Ethan 35 a former Wildfire Medic with a rich family history in agriculture. Growing up on a small farm outside Eugene Oregon. Ethan spent most of his free time in the woods backpacking with his older brother and father.  Calie 33 a former Junior Geotech […]

Meet Your Local Farmer: Meadow Grove Eggs

Meet Your Local Farmer: Meadow Grove Eggs Meadow Gold Farm

It all started with a few chickens and an old dog kennel as a makeshift chicken coop. Before long, after another few trips to the local feed store, our large pasture housed 160 chickens in a mobile chicken coop. Soon, we added another 60 ducks to our growing flock and started giving the surplus eggs […]

2 Towns Ciderhouse: Northwest Craft Cider

2 Towns Ciderhouse: Northwest Craft Cider 2Towns Hard Cider Ageing In Barrels

2 Towns Craft Cider An experience and a pure cider to behold! by Tiara Good Ph.D      Established in 2010, 2 Towns Cider has been a flagship of what we at LifeSource are about. “Boldly Crafted in Oregon” is just the beginning. They take local seriously and they have a serious commitment to sticking […]

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