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Diestel Family Turkey Ranch

Diestel Family Turkey Ranch

Diestel Family Ranch - Regenerative Agriculture In Practice

Founded in 1949, Diestel Family Ranch is four generations of family farmers operating this vital family farm. “We’ve done everything but compromise the values we were founded on to raise the leanest, cleanest, most delicious birds that money can buy.”

That insatiable hunger for ‘better’ inspires Diestel Family Ranch in everything they do, “From how we raise our turkeys and craft our products, to the relationships we build with our team members and customers, to advancing the art of independent farming for everyone.”

“We raise food we’re proud to eat and proud to share.” Everything is produced according to strict animal welfare and environmental standards.

"We’re in it for the long haul, so we go beyond sustainability."

An important part of Diestel Family Ranch’s farming practice is regenerative agriculture – focused on growing healthy, sustainable soil ecosystems

“We’re committed to regenerative agriculture, holistic farming practices that reverse the negative effects of farming by helping to rebuild the soil and restore biodiversity.”

In a natural state, soil contains an abundance of life that plays a vital role in maintaining fertile, moist, live soil that takes carbon out of the air, and puts it in soil, where it belongs. Many conventional farming practices manipulate soil, and the microorganisms that live below the surface. Regenerative farming practices seek to cultivate healthy soil that nurtures microorganisms, as well as holding abundant moisture and organic matter.

Seek Diversity - Support Abundance

Of the five types of microorganisms found in soil, bacteria plays a crucial role. The final stage in breaking down nutrients in the root zone of the soil, bacteria both hold and release nutrients that help plants thrive.

 Food and Agriculture Organization once said “Bacteria may well be the most valuable of life forms in the soil.”

Actinomycetes are a form of bacteria with long filaments that intertwine with roots. Compounds released from these filaments have an effect similar to antibiotics for plants. Like antibiotics, Actinomycetes compounds kill other bacteria that may be harmful to plant health. 

Other soil microorganisms, such as fungi, live among the roots and help them absorb nutrients and water, while also creating sugars, amino acids and other nutrients.

In healthy soil, there is a balance of beneficial verses pathogenic microorganisms. Nematodes, a form of microscopic worms, can function to control other pathogenic nematodes, preventing the pathogenic variety from entering plant roots and causing harm. Protozoa, also help maintain this balance by eating bacteria, and releasing the nutrients within. 

Diestel Family Turkey Ranch helps beneficial bacteria by using fresh well water and probiotics to clean barns and pipes, fostering a healthy microbial environment. They also compost organic waste from the turkeys, and introduce the compost back into the soil, preserving the organic matter density, and nutrient content of the soil. 

These simple, but important steps help create a thriving rich soil, growing nutrient rich plants for the turkeys to enjoy.


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