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Learn More About Fair Trade & Non-GMO

Learn More About Fair Trade & Non-GMO Non-GMO & Fair Trade Month

Fair Trade & Non-GMO October  I want my food choices to reflect my interests in equality and the environment. I seek transparency about my food sources so that I can buy more foods that are Earth- and people-friendly. I want to know that I’m buying food from farms and companies that support my values. I […]

Calming Anxiety

Calming Anxiety

Let’s talk about Anxiety can be a mild concern or a debilitating condition, and recent events have caused anxiety levels to rise uncomfortably in many people. Anxiety has been characterized by some, as a mental / emotional problem, and by others as a biochemical problem. More recent research suggests the two aspects are not so […]

The Story Behind ‘Dick’s Carrot Cake’

The Story Behind ‘Dick’s Carrot Cake’ Dick's Carrot Cake

 Cutting no Corners, the tale of Dick’s Carrot Cake The 1970’s was an entirely different decade on the Oregon coast. A time when more boats than cars were common in the sleepy coastal towns, where residents spent their days fishing and milling lumber. Where, after finishing their shifts, people gathered at the tavern to quietly […]

We Condemn Social Injustice and Racism

We Condemn Social Injustice and Racism Black Lives Matter

It is with great sadness that we are witnessing continued examples of the deep harm systemic racism is having on our country and humanity.  We share our deep sympathy with the friends, families and communities of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and too many others.  So many are hurting as we struggle to find […]

Willamette Valley Wheat

Willamette Valley Wheat

A blog article from 2016 from LifeSource.Written by Matthew Trickey    Many of the products we carry at LifeSource are locally grown in the Willamette Valley.  Recently,  several of our staff payed a  visit to Hunton’s farm and Camas Country Mill.  Located in the heart of the valley, these businesses supply us wheat and spelt flour […]

The Story Behind Our Vampire Juice

The Story Behind Our Vampire Juice

10 Second Summary Our Vampire Juice recipe was developed by Luna, one of our front-end cashiers. Luna wanted to create an enjoyable way to get the benefits of beet, without the overwhelming geosmin flavor. Luna began to experiment with a mixture of beets and fresh squeezed orange juice to sweeten the flavor. The result was […]

Our Olive Oil Selection

Our Olive Oil Selection Olive Oil

The cultivation of the olive tree, Olea europa, is a tradition as old as recorded history. Its fruit and oil are perhaps the oldest health foods known. Egyptians, Phoenicians and Greeks believed this tree brought peace, health, and prosperity to their civilizations. Today, this liquid gold of the Mediterranean is successfully produced with Old World techniques in moderate climates around the world.

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