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Cool Weather Affects NW Fruit Crops

Cool Weather Affects NW Fruit Crops Cool Weather Affects NW Fruit Crops

Cool, wet weather has already slowed the growth rate of blueberries, and harmed local strawberry crops, but effects on other fruit crops may not be as bad if cool and steady weather persists. Most Impacted – Warm Weather Fruit Crops. Northwest Berry Foundation | Small Fruit Update This image shows how the cool, wet weather […]

National Library Week

National Library Week birds-eye-view-of-salem-oregon-1876

Salem Public Library – Matthew Trickey – LifeSource Natural Foods Towns throughout the United States have a standard array of buildings to handle civic functions, such as police and fire stations, city halls, and public schools. However grand, imposing, or utilitarian these spaces might be, these buildings are seldom the true centers of their communities. […]



We hope you enjoy these photographs of some of the Jack-O’Lanterns carved by LifeSource staff members. A Jack-o’-lantern is a carved pumpkin lantern, used as a Halloween decoration.    Carving and photograph courtesy of Sophia. Illuminated by the light of a candle flame, the Jack-o’-lantern can cast eerie shadows, and display a scary countenance. Photograph […]

Celebrating Universal Human Rights Month

Celebrating Universal Human Rights Month

We’re celebrating Human Rights Month during the entire month of December!  Read more about the icons we’ll be celebrating all month long below. About Universal Human Rights Month Universal Human Rights Month commemorates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948, in the aftermath of World War II, largely as […]

Meet Hometown Heroes LivBar

Meet Hometown Heroes LivBar Local shop

Oregon’s been a hotbed and incubator for the natural foods movement for decades. Think of Toby’s Family Foods, Surata Tofu, Organically Grown Company, Tofurky, the Kesey family’s Nancy’s Yogurt, and many other iconic natural foods brands. But the overwhelming majority of these brands hail from Eugene or Portland, leaving Salem without many brands to brag […]

Quick Guide to Eating Gluten Free

Quick Guide to Eating Gluten Free Quick Guide To Eating Gluten Free 1

See Our Gluten Free Recipes! While it’s not nearly as uncommon or unusual as it once seemed, finding out that you, a family member, or a friend needs to adopt a gluten-free diet can come as a bit of a shock. So many common foods contain gluten that changing your diet can feel overwhelming. But […]

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