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Oregon Beer – It Really Is The Water!

Oregon Beer – It Really Is The Water! Oregon Beer

Those old ads for Olympia Beer resonate for many in the Pacific Northwest. They tout the use of pristine artesian well water in brewing its product, proclaiming “It’s the water.” Simple and effective for a slogan, but how exactly does water affect beer? Water makes up the largest percentage of beer (up to 97%). It […]

We Condemn Social Injustice and Racism

We Condemn Social Injustice and Racism Black Lives Matter

It is with great sadness that we are witnessing continued examples of the deep harm systemic racism is having on our country and humanity.  We share our deep sympathy with the friends, families and communities of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and too many others.  So many are hurting as we struggle to find […]

Suds Up to Sanitize

Suds Up to Sanitize

With the recent scarcity of hand sanitizer, we revisit the original sanitation solution – soapy water!  Concerns about viruses, and hand sanitation have resulted in a noticeable shortage of hand sanitizer wipes.  Though LifeSource normally provides organic lavender hand wipes as a courtesy to our shoppers, we have not been able to re-order any hand […]

Trees For The Community

Trees For The Community

LifeSource People Volunteering in Salem LifeSource staff, family, and friends are active volunteering in the community. In addition to community donations, we spend time together working for the enjoyment of all people of the Salem area. During this tree planting event, we worked with Friends of Trees to plant over 40 trees in beautiful Cascades […]

All About Sunscreen

All About Sunscreen A sunlit beach.

It’s no secret that prolonged exposure to UV rays leads to sunburn and increases the risk of skin cancer. It’s also common knowledge that protecting your baby’s skin with sunscreen is especially important. But did you know that many sunscreens contain chemical ingredients that may have adverse health effects for you and your little one? […]

The Hidden Costs of GMOs

The Hidden Costs of GMOs Crop Duster

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), first introduced to agriculture in a major way in 1996, now cover at least 45% of US croplands. In the two decades since their introduction, many individuals and groups have raised concerns about the potential risks of consuming these bioengineered foods, none of which have gone through significant controlled safety testing. […]

Bone Broth – Primal Nutrition

Bone Broth – Primal Nutrition bone broth

Bone Broth, primal nutrition since the stone age. If you think bone broth is just soup, you couldn’t be more wrong. Soup has never been so good for you since the rediscovery of this miracle broth! Bone broth is actually one of the oldest meals we have on record, dating back to the stone age. […]

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