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Easter Wine Pairings

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Wine Pairing for Easter

Wine pairing can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Some wines pair better with certain foods than others, but there’s no need to box ourselves in when deciding what to serve. There are no wine pairing rules etched in stone, though there are some guidelines that can make it fun and easy! 

Take ham, for instance. Ham is a salty food, so finding a wine that can help balance that salty character is key. Semi-sweet, rosé, and sparkling wines are extremely versatile, and wines with a bit of sugar and/or some sparkle to them are great foils for salty foods. Some matches for ham would be a semi-sweet Riesling or Gewurztraminer, elegant rosé wines, and sparkling wines. A bit of sugar in the wine balances the salt, and the bubbles from a lovely Prosecco or Champagne can cleanse the palate for the next bite. 

If you are serving heartier fare such as prime rib or leg of lamb, there are many red wines that will be wonderful company for your meal. Living in the heart of the Willamette Valley, pinot noir can be a stunning partner. The earthy, herbal notes and bright red fruit character balance the flavors of these dishes perfectly, without being too heavy. Pinot noir from our own backyard makes this a slam dunk. 

If you are looking for something with a bit more body, think about an elegant, yet powerful, red Bordeaux, a lovely Chianti, an aged Rioja or an upfront domestic red, all of which have flavors and style to complement your meal beautifully. 

Among all these choices, there is truly one thing to remember above all: There’s no sense serving a Cabernet if you don’t like Cabernet, or a white wine if you prefer red. The best way to find a great wine pairing is to choose a wine that you know you like! Think about the style and flavors you enjoy and start there. You can be bold and try something new or stick with an old standby, but remember that the best way to get that perfect wine pairing is to know your palate, and stay true to yourself!

Come on in any time and we can help you find that perfect match! 


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Wine Pairing For Easter

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