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We hope you enjoy these photographs of some of the Jack-O’Lanterns carved by LifeSource staff members. A Jack-o’-lantern is a carved pumpkin lantern, used as a Halloween decoration.    Carving and photograph courtesy of Sophia. Illuminated by the light of a candle flame, the Jack-o’-lantern can cast eerie shadows, and display a scary countenance. Photograph […]

Celebrating Universal Human Rights Month

Celebrating Universal Human Rights Month

We’re celebrating Human Rights Month during the entire month of December!  Read more about the icons we’ll be celebrating all month long below. About Universal Human Rights Month Universal Human Rights Month commemorates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948, in the aftermath of World War II, largely as […]

Meet Hometown Heroes LivBar

Meet Hometown Heroes LivBar Local shop

Oregon’s been a hotbed and incubator for the natural foods movement for decades. Think of Toby’s Family Foods, Surata Tofu, Organically Grown Company, Tofurky, the Kesey family’s Nancy’s Yogurt, and many other iconic natural foods brands. But the overwhelming majority of these brands hail from Eugene or Portland, leaving Salem without many brands to brag […]

Quick Guide to Eating Gluten Free

Quick Guide to Eating Gluten Free Quick Guide To Eating Gluten Free 1

See Our Gluten Free Recipes! While it’s not nearly as uncommon or unusual as it once seemed, finding out that you, a family member, or a friend needs to adopt a gluten-free diet can come as a bit of a shock. So many common foods contain gluten that changing your diet can feel overwhelming. But […]

Health Doesn’t Have To Mean A Hefty Price Tag

Health Doesn’t Have To Mean A Hefty Price Tag Morning Walk

If you’re worried about your health but also concerned about your budget, don’t be. There are plenty of ways to prioritize your mind and body without having to learn how to rebalance your budget. By changing your routine to include healthy and sustainable habits, you can ensure that you are doing everything to keep yourself […]

Learn More About Fair Trade & Non-GMO

Learn More About Fair Trade & Non-GMO Non-GMO & Fair Trade Month

Fair Trade & Non-GMO October  I want my food choices to reflect my interests in equality and the environment. I seek transparency about my food sources so that I can buy more foods that are Earth- and people-friendly. I want to know that I’m buying food from farms and companies that support my values. I […]

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