Passover starts tonight at sundown, and we’ve got all sorts of good things for your seder plate, including organic passover matzos; organic produce like horseradish, romaine lettuce, parsley, and potatoes; and local and organic eggs. Enjoy!234px-Pesahplate

A word about arsenic in rice

As you may be aware, researchers at Dartmouth published a paper on arsenic levels in rice products earlier this year. Recently, Consumer Reports published an article in which they looked at the same issue. Both found some fairly high levels in a range of products, so there has quite understandably been a fair amount of media attention and public concern.

News In Natural

A scoby is an odd critter. Imagine a jellyfish bobbing placidly in a jar of tannin-tinted liquid, contentedly imbibing sugar and tea. I suppose I err when I call a scoby a critter. It might be more accurate to refer to it as a collection many billions of critters – “scoby,” after all, is an acronym for “symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts” – but then again, I myself am composed of many billions of cells. Who’s to say if a scoby is one being or many? More to the point, why would you care?

The Healthy Side of Fat

If you’re a parent, you’ll remember what a blessed thing sleep is in those months following your child’s birth. I remember long nights when the baby would wake up just minutes after I had finally gotten him to sleep; walking with him in the dark, softly singing whatever scraps of songs I managed to summon to my groggy brain: Irish folk tunes, Silvio Rodriguez, The Police, old hymns, and, I swear, just about every line from U2’s Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. Though I may have been bleary-eyed and incoherent at work the following mornings, I recall those dances in the dark with my squalling son with some fondness.