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We take great care in selecting products that are sustainably grown, caught, or prepared with the Earth in mind.

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 Teriyaki Tofu Bowls


We select the best organic local, regional, and global produce with an eye towards quality, and value.


Caesar Salad

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 Berry Shortcake With Grapefruit Curd

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 New York Steak & Chimichurri

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Creamy Vegan Pasta

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Italian Chicken Orzo Skillet

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Crop Duster

The Hidden Costs of GMOs

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), first introduced to agriculture in a major way in 1996, now cover at least 45% of US croplands. In the two

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Sustainable Shrimp Fisheries

Oregon Shrimp Trawlers in Newport Bay – Photograph by Hugh Pennock Sustainable Shrimp Fisheries What could be better than Oregon pink shrimp? Matthew Trickey  

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Gluten Free 

 Mushroom Potato Chowder

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News In Natural Magazine - Fall 2022

Written, photographed, and produced by LifeSource Natural Foods staff. This issue brings us a magnificent crop of recipes and articles from our LifeSource team.

You’ll find interesting articles, more recipes, and hear about some of the team’s favorites in this issue of News In Natural.

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