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Columbia River Fresh Sockeye

Columbia River Sockeye Season Is In Abundance! Summer Grilling Season Starts Soon! Pacific Seafood | Salmon Update With bright red meat and high oil content Sockeyes are an exceptional salmon. They have more omega-3s than any other fish. A 7-ounce Sockeye fillet will have 4 grams of this heart-healthy fatty acid. Available fresh four months […]

Sustainable Shrimp Fisheries

Sustainable Shrimp Fisheries

Oregon Shrimp Trawlers in Newport Bay – Photograph by Hugh Pennock Sustainable Shrimp Fisheries What could be better than Oregon pink shrimp? Matthew Trickey    Shrimp and prawns are the most popular variety of seafood in the United States. The rising demand for shrimp has global repercussions, with economic incentives for more production and more […]

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