From Grain to Glass: The Gist of the Grist

BeerImagine pouring a glass of your favorite craft beer. The fizzy froth that forms as it gurgles into the glass. The sweet, bready, and roasty aromas that captivate the nose. The rich and lustrous golden hues that please the eye. The delicious malty flavor that fills the mouth. And then that little extra something that delivers a blissful, easing sensation that stimulates smiles and sociability.


Two Shades of Autumn

As the weather has been so diligently reminding us, we are undoubtedly in the midst of Fall. Any glimmer of hope for an Indian Summer is fading as quickly as the sunlight around 7:30 pm. But rather than lament the passing of another season, let us embrace and ponder the arrival of Autumn.

Autumn, it seems, can be distinguished in two ways. I feel Autumn here in Oregon has two sides: a warmer, sweeter side and a darker, notably bitter side. To better illustrate this I’ll use two new products at LifeSource, Bittersweet Vermouth and Petal & Thorn by Oregon’s own Imbue Vermouth.


On the Bittersweet’s side, Autumn is the sweetly spiced aromas of apple pie baking in the oven while deep yellow-brown leaves drop from trees onto refreshed and unkempt green grass. Autumn is the earthy dampness of the forest floor as we forage for wild mushrooms, and the rapturous celebration of a bountiful harvest.


On the other, Petal & Thorn-y side, Autumn is like a bitterly cold breeze on a full moon, where the promise of mischief and mirth coax us to play in the misty night with giddy hearts and masked identities. Autumn is the crooked fingers of bare trees against a steely gray sky and the silky warmth of a flannel bedsheet on a drizzly morning.

But where Autumn stops, Imbue’s Vermouth goes further: you can’t enjoy Autumn in a glass over ice nor as a delicious mixer to your favorite spirit. To find out more about the versatility and delight of these delicious beverages, visit

Happy mixing, and happy Fall!

-Liam, the Beer & Wine Guy


New Beers: 8/30 – 9/20

barnowl-bottle bp_2xipa1 dfh_myantonia i-ayinger-okto-fest-marzen taphandle_industrial-IPA-298x300It’s been a busy lead-up to Fall, and although I’ve  been away from the blog for a few weeks the new beers have been rolling in steadliy! Here for your perusal are the newest arrivals of the month. As always there’s a lot of obscure and under-the-radar products here, so click on the link if you what to learn more!

Here’s what’s new on the shelf:


New Beers: 8/23

428508_194697517350196_820776248_n bottle_glow perla-pils-can__5905927000513A few new beverages climbed aboard our cooler this week, and they are indeed welcome company! Stone doles out another masterful special release, this one to celebrate of their 17th Anniversary. Called the Götterdämmerung IPA, it features all German hops and malts and bears a name referencing the end of world . . . classic Stone style! Nectar Creek’s Peach Session Mead and Perla’s Chmielowa Pils bring delicious, crisp refreshment to these late-summer Dog Days.

Here’s what’s new on the shelf this week:

Recent additions:


New Beers: 8/16

beer_lof_yu_prod beer_lof_cc_prod 130913_bottle (1)This week we have three new reasons to choose LifeSource as your great beer source! From New Belgium we’ve got two mad genius concoctions and a VERY limited, VERY exclusive release Double IPA from Stone. In case you were out of exciting, delicious new beers from two of the best brewers in the U.S.–if not the whole of the Universe–we’ve got you covered! On that note, these beers go great with gazing at the sky on a warm August night keeping a watch for falling stars! Click on the beer’s name below to learn more.

Here’s what’s new in the cooler:

Recent additions:


New Beers: 7/24 – 8/9

9Aug13Beer12oz 9Aug13Beer22oz 9Aug13BeerCan

The last few weeks have been filled with summertime activities, but we’re back to show you the latest and tastiest additions to our beer cooler! Once again, we’re featuring the return of some old favorites and the addition of some new offerings from some great breweries. Drop by and stock up!

Here’s what’s new in the cooler:

Recent additions:

New Beer 7:19:13

New Beers: 7/19


New Beer 7:19:13This week LifeSource is happy to present to you, the discerning craft beer-loving public, some very special releases! First off, we’re excited to welcome the arrival of San Diego’s Ballast Point, who until recently were only available to enjoy in draft format within the borders of our great state. Now in bottles, we are rolling out their flagship Sculpin IPA and the massive El Dorado Double IPA. Brewers from this region have garnered a reputation for rich, bristly hop profiles in their IPAs, and these offerings are right on par. Also out of San Diego comes Stone’s long-awaited ‘w00tstout’, brewed as a collaboration between Stone Brewery,’s Drew Curtis, and actor Wil Wheaton of Stand By Me  and Star Trek: The Next Generation. An odd grouping, one might suggest, but apparently website founders and sci-fi icons know a thing or two about brewing monstrously delicious barrel-aged stouts! Along with a special and seasonal release from Heater Allen, Double Mountain, New Belgium, and Schooner Exact, you’ve got yourself an amazing lineup of new bottles to savor whilst relaxing in your sun-soaked method of choice! Cheers!

Here’s what’s new in the cooler:

Recent additions: