Fern’s Edge Goat Dairy

Fern's Edge Goat Dairy Herd

Fern's Edge Goat Dairy Permanently Closed

Fern's Edge Goat Dairy

Fern's Edge Goat Dairy Permanently Closed

Unfortunately, Fern’s Edge Goat Dairy is permanently closed, and LifeSource no longer stocks this product. Click here to see the current selection of goat milk available at LifeSource


    • Juliana,
      We asked the new owners of Fern’s Edge Goat Dairy about the current availability of goat chevre. They told us they were focusing on the fresh goat’s milk production only, at this time. If the new owners of Fern’s Edge decide to reintroduce goat cheese to their product line in the future, we will carry it again here at LifeSource Natural Foods in Salem. You can view our current cheese selections here: https://shop.lifesourcenaturalfoods.com/s/1000-1/b?q=Cheese&pn=2&Dept=Dairy

    • Hi Sharon,
      Thanks for your question about Fern’s Edge Goat Dairy.
      We are glad you found our article about Fern’s Edge and hope to
      be able to help you find an answer to your question.

      First, we know of one store that carries Fern’s Edge Raw Goat’s Milk,
      and that is this store – LifeSource Natural Foods, in Salem, OR.
      We are located at 2649 Commercial St. SE, Salem, 97302

      We will pass you request onward to the folks at Fern’s Edge, so they can provide
      the answer to your question. Hopefully we can help out, in that small way.

      LifeSource Natural Foods


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