Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Portobello Mushroom Burger

Portobello Mushroom Burgers


Marinated Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Look no further for your vegan grilled burger option, using organic produce from LifeSource! Grill portobello mushroom burgers at your next party!

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Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Caramelized Onions


  1. In a shallow baking dish or medium bowl, stir together Pickapeppa sauce, aminos, olive oil, vinegar, garlic, and pepper. Add mushroom caps and toss to coat. Allow mushrooms to marinate 30 minutes to an hour, turning occasionally.
  2. While mushrooms are marinating, melt butter over medium heat in a large skillet. Add onions. Cook and stir frequently until the onion caramelizes, about 30 minutes. Drain on paper towels or a clean, lint-free kitchen towel. Set aside.
  3. Heat your grill or skillet to medium high heat. Cook mushrooms 4-6 minutes each side until done. Build your burger with caramelized onions and your favorite toppings.

Serves: 2

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