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Deli & Bakery

Deli & Bakery LifeSource Deli Fresh Salads

LifeSource Deli & Bakery Breakfast served daily 8 to 11    Breakfast Served Daily 8 to 11 Enjoy scrambled eggs, sausage, potatoes, fluffy biscuits, country gravy, and more. Deli & Bakery Menu LifeSource Deli Hours 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Hot Bar and Soups feature fresh seasonal ingredients from local farms! *Deli menu is subject […]

The Earthy Fruits of Fall

The Earthy Fruits of Fall featured mushroom image

The world’s biggest living organism is hiding in the forests of Southeast Oregon. This spectacular example of Armillaria ostoyae covers 2,400 acres (about 4 square miles) of the Malheur National Forest. It grew to this immensity in just a few thousand years. Each fall it reveals its edible fruiting bodies – mushrooms – as it […]

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